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The movie unveils the performing of a sacred ritual of Rai in the Kingdoms of the middle world which must be done for humans to live in perpetual peace, unity and prosperity. The next 200 years sees the (Waziri) the trusted right hand man of King Muktar of Arah (in whose kingdom lies the responsibility of performing the ritual), betraying the trust and invariably humanity, by using the Sword instead to perform the ritual that would make him the most powerful man on earth… evil is excited about being let loose. The Twin Sword most be retrieved before the next full Moon to negate Waziri’s powers and reverse the evil that is about to consume mankind. Its one of a kind movie…you don’t get to see a fantasy genre blended smoothly with the epic in Nollywood films… but the special effects in the movie really shows that the producer went all the way in ensuring that the movie at the end of the day (coupled with a good story) is worth viewing!

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