Wale Ogunyemi started schooling in 1947 at the Baptist Day School, Igbajo. He left in 1949 and went to Agurodo via Ejigbo and later came to Ibadan in 1950 and left school in 1954. He later went to the Commercial Academy, Oke-Ado in Ibadan, Oyo State. Thereafter he worked as a typist at the Baptist Mission. He then went to the Nigerian Television Service (N.T.S) in Lagos. He worked there, first as a secretary to the Production Manager, after which he was posted to the Film Section as a secretary. This was where he learnt film making, film editing, film projector operations and how to preview and log both feature and commercial films. Because of his artistic talent in the field of drama and creative writing, he was posted to the Drama section where he started writing continuity scripts for Television. Wale Ogunyemi belonged to a family where tradition is held in high esteem. His great grandmother, Iyalode Odudeyi, loved him so much that he was always with her each time she was officiating at important festivals, ritual dramas and masquerades. The Iyalode (Wale’s great grandmother) was also very close to the king and he was with her each time she went to see the king. Wale was always a constant observer of sundry rituals performed in the palace. By virtue of his position as her grandchild, he was allowed into groves and shrines without molestation or without being driven back as they would any other child. Apart from his adventures with his family (and the family was also in charge of the biggest masquerade in Igbajo town) he used to go to the groves whenever Ogun or Sango was being brought from the grove to the shrine in the house. In Ibadan, Wale was very rascally, he carried over his love for masquerades from his town to Ibadan and he was always following masquerades all over Ibadan.


Sango Producer 1997