Uche Ogbuagu - the Professional Talkinson Entertainer, Comedian all round fro aka Guaranteed to laugh as in Comedy is the remedy to HBP (high blood preasure) Ogbuagu is a graduate of Abia State University, Uturu. Married with children. CEO of Electronic Media Advertisement Companies. In a nut shell, Uche is an Encyclopedia of Igbo Entertainment. A symbol of Igbo language comedy and an Ambassador of African Stand up Comedy taking Igbo comedy into the Hollywood of America Uche's carrier started in the 70's and as a result of birth circumstance. Ogbuagu is supposed to be a stamara but now makes a living and eats with talking. Every one in Uche Ogbuagus family is very serious but Uche jokes a lot and started his carrier in primary school to get money by making people laugh and happy. The school authorities gave him a chance every Friday and he gets paid. He later got enrolled into radio and TV, being hired by people to perform. The TV authoritie enrolled him in the comedy department while he was in secondary school Uche Ogbuagu went commercial in 1991 with his first production "BAD CONDITION" which quickly became a household name as a result of bad economy. Course and consequence, BAD CONDITION is now in Volume 10 and counting. Traveling around the world, Ogbuagu toured many parts of Nigeria, trottled the globe from West, East and Johanesburg South Africa through Germany, Bally Holand, Verona, Spain to United Kindom and USA on film festivals. The purpose here is to bring this and other products to your finger click. Uche Ogbuagu's Comedy is the recomended Remedy for High Blood Pressure. A must laugh series depending on your point of view, every thing in comedy is fair game including God and the President of Countries. You may be big, you may be small, you may be Ikebe Superstars, but when you come to comedy, losen up because life is to enjoy... nke onye rri ka o-ji ala mmuo. Uche plays a multitude of Characters and can become to the extreme of the characters he finds himself in Bottom line, YOU MUST LAUGH so come laugh with us. All BAD CONDITION Series and more are now on sale on DVDs CDs along with special identity products, T-Shirts, Caps and much more. Are you Uche Ogbuagu fan or will you like to join click here and lets go


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