He is often referred to as Nollywood's Macho man – Mr Gentle Jack. Gentle Jack a.k.a Vuga hails from Abonnema in Kalabari kingdom of Rivers State.
Gentle Jack joined Nollywood in the 90s through the help of his brother Gbasemi Tariah, his first film is 'Blood Money' since then he had featured in countless films including 'Vuga,' the movie that brought him to lime light and most of his close friends call him Vuga.
He has also played a lead role in a movie titled Gentle Jack.
The movie which was directed by Simisola Ogbeluwa and produced by Uzor Ikpechi is about a hero who went ahead to get back what belongs to him. He played the lead character called Gentle Jack which is a double kudos for him as the title of the movie and his real name are the same.
For those watching Gentle Jack in movies, his macho physique is one invaluable asset he has as his stock in trade. Depending on what the producer wanted and the kind of film that he would be used for, the macho actor is capable of altering his shape to suit the dictate of the film.To him, keeping a particular shape would not be too appropriate for a actor whose role varies from hard ones to some he has to play a gentle and good fellow in films.


Silence of the gods Actor 2006
State of Emergency Actor 2004
Vuga Vuga 2000
Oduduwa Actor 2000
Rituals Actor 1997