He is a young, savvy, extremely creative and ambitious filmmaker who has an unflinching passion for film despite his Estate Management background. He started off as a writer in 2004, he did an internship with Tajudeen Adepetu's Alpha-Vision Multi-Media under several renowned writers like Tunde Lawrenson e.t.c. He later moved on to Red-Ark Media as a content-writer and started scripting for films. His first main script was titled 'Not My Calling' featuring Emeka Ike and Chioma Chukwuka produced by Solavee Films. His passion to start making films grew stronger and stronger each time he sees an highly creative film , he loves watching films just like he loves making them, the theateric, the creative challenges and all. When he sees films by great directors he predicts camera movements and he claims he is usually right 80% of the times he did. He became interested in becoming a director which prompted his move into becoming the P.A of Sam Azuibuike then Vice President Directors Guild of Nigeria, he was with him for a year. He left and became a close ally to his mentor , Veteran Nollywood Director, Aquila Njamah which ending being an expose journey to the rudiments of filmmaking for him. To groom himself more he took several online courses on film directing and followed closely the theatrics behind the success of film directors like James Cameron, Robert Rodriquez, Quentine Tarantino and Mel Gibson. He got into Nigezie as a content writer in 2010, he left same year and became a freelance writer and filmmaker. He has since scripted for several Media organisations like : Eastend Audio-Visuals's 'Silhouette' a TV series, 'Theatre of Dreams' a TV drama series, 'Coded' a feature film, Dexterity Pictures's 'Yes i Don't' a feature film and 'Switch' also a feature film, His personal production house, Best Okoduwa Films's 'Green Grass' a TV series and 'Bad Brilliance', Just to mention but a few... Best seem to have rooted himself firmly as an intelligent and talented scriptwriter, he is gradually also becoming one of the strongest Directors in Nigeria he has shown his strength creativity and depth which can be felt from his style of directing in all his jobs, Movies and TV series like: Karma, Green Grass, Bad Brilliance, Yes i don't, Switch, e.t.c He says he gets his inspiration to write from life experience, both his and that of other people, music, events, e.t.c. Best Okoduwa says he wants to make an impact in Nollywood and he believes he is already doing that, setting a pace, raising the bar by teaming up with other creative, ambitious colleagues with same drive and passion. Nigeria is blessed at the moment with so many highly creative, innovative, intelligent young filmmakers hungry and craving for a change in the Nigerian Film Industry, Best is definitely among the category of directors and writers to watch out for this year 2014...


Yes I don t Director 2014