[News] ‘Fast & Furious 7′ Will Retire (Not Kill) Paul Walker’s Brian O’Connor

In what is probably the most pacifying piece of a news to come out this year (so far), Universal has decided that in order to continue with Fast & Furious 7 they need a viable workaround for the late Paul Walker’s Brian O’Connor, without hitting too close to Walker’s actual death as a result of a high-speed sports car crash. (Hard to do in a Fast & Furious movie.)

The solution has now been officially settled upon: Brian O’Connor will get a happier ending than Paul Walker did.

F&F7 director James Wan and writer Chris Morgan are currently tweaking the script in a way that they can use what footage of Walker they already shot (about half the film), while also creating a send-off for Walker’s character Brian that would still allow the franchise to continue. The film has currently been pushed back to April 10, 2015 to allow the cast time to grieve and the necessary changes to be made.

Recent rumors have pointed to Paul’s little brother Cody Walker possibly filling in for some of the stunt-heavy moments in the film (a lot of the big set pieces haven’t been shot yet). Since the film revolves around Jason Statham’s villain looking for payback for the events of Fast & Furious 6, Brian could be involved in the early part of the film until danger hits too close, before he, Dom and Co. finally opt to do the responsible thing and send Brian and Mia off to live safe with their son.

That’s really the best of all worlds. Fans get one last outing with Walker in his most iconic role; the franchise can continue without detriment to the part 7 storyline; and nobody has to be reminded of the grisly reality of things, nor feel like Walker’s memory has been disrespected.

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Author: Terver Bendega

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  1. That would be a befitting send off.
    Toxicology reported no drugs nor alcohol was involved in the crash so that’s also a good thing.

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