[News] Kunle Afolayan’s ‘October 1′ Trailer Wins International Award

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Happy New Year people! In other news, indications that Kunle Afolayan’s latest movie, October 1, will redefine Nigeria’s film industry in 2014 have emerged.

 October 1,  which parades a crop of Nigerian and British actors including “Cockcrow at Dawn’s” Sadiq Daba and “Pirates of the Carribbean’s” David Bailey, has  won the prestigious International Movie Trailer’s Festival’s  (IMTF)  award in the Best Fiction Trailer  Category. 

In a letter sent to Afolayan, the organizers of the award wrote:  We’re pleased to tell you that “October 1″ won the 2013 IMTF award for the best fiction trailer. Your award is $250.”

The award recognizes October 1′s creativity and technical mastery,  and proves that the movie has great potentials to excel in international film circuits. In recognition of this award, the prolific film director cum actor will be emailed ” a digital garland that you can use on your website or other online media. You should receive it by the end of January.”

Apparently excited, Afolayan, who is in the mood to host friends in remembrance of his late father and mentor, Ade Afolayan, one of the pioneers of film making in Nigeria, who passed away  exactly 17 years ago, said “. What a way to wrap year 2013.  I’m happy about this award. It’s not about the money but the recognition of the hard work, the efforts of the cast and crew of October 1.  It is a pointer to the fact that the film has great potentials to go places when it is eventually released. I can’t wait to see the complete film in 2014.”

Kunle Afolayan 300x165 [News]  Kunle Afolayans October 1 Trailer Wins International Award news  October 1 Kunle Afolayan IMTF Awards

 Kunle Afolayan performs a stunt on set as Agbekoya

I can’t wait either. What do ya’ll think? Sound off in the comments section.

4 Responses to [News] Kunle Afolayan’s ‘October 1′ Trailer Wins International Award

  1. John Doe says:

    I am wishing you guys at S&P a Blockbuster New year!
    Looking forward to your innovative reviews and unique style.

  2. Thanks a lot John….you wouldn’t be disappointed!

  3. […] Afolayan’s reputation. Already, the trailer for October 1 has already won an international award (details here). The trailer shows some really impressive shots, brilliant cinematography, talented cast and […]

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