[V.S Series] Bruce Wayne V.S Tony Stark

Zubby: Hey Terdoh, you know what the biggest argument in movie history is?

Terdoh: Errrr “was Leonarodo Dicaprio awake at the end of Inception?” Right?

Zubby: Nope Bruv. It is the long standing rivalry about who is a better super hero between Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne.


Terdoh: Really? I am sure you just thought of that right now. Anyways, it has to be Bruce Wayne.

Zubby: You must be joking right? No way Bruce is better than Stark. I guess we have got to debate this then.

Terdoh: Yeah! Where do I begin?  In the first place, The Batman movies took down their pants, and took a huge shit on the Iron man movies.

Zubby: So?

Terdoh: Just putting that out there. That doesn’t apply to anything, but anyone who’s a fan of mind games and who’s as fascinated with strange crazy people as I am will agree that the character of Batman (and the villains he has to deal with) are far better than those of Metal Man here.

Zubby: Excuse me! Hand The Ironman Joker for 5 minutes and see what becomes of him. Bruce has misplaced priorities over that guy as far as I am concerned. The world is better off with him being dead.

Terdoh: Sigh. My naive friend, you just don’t get the point behind his principles. An argument for another day.  That being said…






Zubby: Says who??

Terdoh: Well…technically he’s richer.

Terdoh: According to Forbes, Bruce Wayne has “more money than Lex Luthor and Tony Stark. At one point Bruce Wayne even buys the whole of Lexcorp. You think that’s easy?

Zubby: I admire you enthusiasm comrade, quoting all these virtual forbes ratings and shit but even a 2 year old kid knows Tony is richer, way richer than Bruce (That’s daddy’s money Bruce is spending btw).

Terdoh: Daddy’s money that he made sure he developed. Smart rich nigga. And let’s not forget Tony inherited a freaking fortune from pops.

Zubi: Tony built the Stark Empire from humble beginnings to become the biggest and most important US defence contractor.

Terdoh: Bruh, if you call that beginning humble, I’d like to humbly request to go start life over. Stark Snr. was a multi millionaire. And listen, Wayne Enterprises is involved in a much wider array of products all over the world. Stark makes high end shit and doesn’t just sell to anybody. Matter of fact, Stark uses most of the technology himself, the selfish prick.

Zubby: Come on. Give him some credit. The guy privatized world peace. You know what will happen if some of his technology gets in Iran, Russia or North Korea’s hands. Bill Gates and Carlos Slim couldn’t do it if they tried, it would be nice to see Mr. Bruce try that for a start.




Terdoh: Bruce Wayne is smarter. For so many reasons… The mere fact that very few people know that he’s batman is amazing. Tony, on the other hand, announced on live TV that he was Iron Man. Dumbo. What happens to the people you care about Tony? (Granted, that’s like one person) but still, what if we kidnap her (Pepper) and torture her till you give up all your shit man?

Zubby: Did you know that at age 15 Tony Stark was admitted to MIT and holds a double major in Physics and Engineering. Wonder if Bruce has any since he’s such a baby that needs to hear Alfred’s voice before he does anything.

Terdoh: Also, Superman calls him “the most dangerous man n the world”. The man’s the most resourceful detective on the planet. (Let’s forget the fact that RDJ plays the role of Sherlock Holmes) I don’t know how you want to compare a loud eccentric fast talker to a sleek, calculated chairman like Bruce.

Zubby: Superman never met Tony that’s why. And you’re talking about brains here, where was Bruce when Tony created an element ‘a freaking element’ *pardon my french* notice i didn’t say discover he CREATED. He also created Jarvis (That cool computer assistant that interacts with him real time)

Terdoh: LOL! I don’t even have a response to that.




Hand To Hand:

Terdoh: Need I say more? Bruce was trained in martial arts by Ra’s Al Ghul, so don’t even dull. And everyone knows Tony is nothing without his fancy suit. Woulda died in “The Avengers” if Jarvis didn’t deployed the suit on time when Loki threw him out the window. Bruce Wayne would have landed. With nunchucks ma nigga.

Zubby: firstly I’ll like to say this “Tony Stark is the new Chuck Norris” …

Terdoh: Don’t even start yo, Tony is COMPLETELY USELESS without his suit. COMPLETELY!

Zubby: Don’t interrupt me jor. Secondly.. There’s no way Tony would lose to an ugly and hideous fat/obese kid who hides behind a mask cuz his breathe smells like road kill. Just imagine Bane and Whiplash going toe-to-toe in combat, Bane won’t even last a round.

Terdoh: Bane would pour water on Whiplash and that would be the end of the fight. There’s really no need to debate this. Smarter villains mean smarter heroes, stronger villains mean stronger heroes. Bane can do 800 push ups. Ask Tom Hardy.


Terdoh: Uhm…yeah. I’ll give this one to Tony.

Zubby: You just had to admit it. Tony has finer, cooler and more sexy threads than Bruce.

Terdoh: BUT!

If Bruce knows he’s going up against Tony Stark (as Iron Man) he’ll prepare. And don’t think Bruce doesn’t have an Iron-Man-type suit somewhere in that Batcave of his. Batcave of pure awesomeness.

Zubby: Ever seen a cave that’s awesome before??? *silence*. Thought as much, cuz there’s none….

Terdoh: Come on dawg…

***M.Y Interrupts***

M.Y: Okay boys…cool down for a moment yo! I see where this is going. Both of you would soon get in costumes and…

Terdoh: Oh please M.Y! Not now with your horrible jokes.

M.Y: Oh…sorry. Well, dear readers, welcome to the V.S Series where we compare 2 movies or characters and take them head to head and you the readers decide who is better. Your suggestions for the V.S Series are also welcome. For the comic fans, we know you probably know a lot more about this characters discussed up here than we do, so just drop your comments please. Thanks and welcome.

Terdoh: Bruce Wayne for the win ma nigga.

Zubby: Don’t think this is over Terdoh.

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Author: M.Y

Computer Scientist, Digital Marketer and Movie Lover. Drop me in front of a 100 feet screen showing anything with Tom Hanks in it and my day is made. Find me on Google+

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  1. Team Tony Stark jor! That guy is pure awesomeness! His brain is sooo intriguing. He even makes arrogance look good.

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    • So are you saying Stark’s brain isn’t intriguing?

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  2. Firstly, every time heroes have gone into the future, the only one alive is batman.
    Secondly, if batman can think up plans to neutralize every member of the justice league, don’t think he ain’t got some shit planned for mr stark. Hands down batman is the coolest hero ever!!!! No super powers, no high tech suit, just pure awesomeness!!!!

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    • lol…I think you have a point…Stark(atleast from the movies) is one hell of a cow boy…Bruce on the other hand…he is sooooo calculative

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    • First off, as far as high tech goes, Batman’s got his knees in deep. U see that utility belt of his? Chuck Norris lives there. However, try being calculative against a foe like Ultron or Galactus or Thanos. Mind u…being calculative didn’t save him when Dark Seid killed him off….it was so bad that the entire DC universe had to cheat just to bring him back. U don’t see Tony Stark dying like a fish.

      And what kind of bitch nigga don’t use guns? I wanna see him going toe to toe with….lemme see a dc villian here….Oops, Dark seid again. Without a plasma rifle 3 times the size of a man. That’s where Tony excels, he just comes out swinging. And while Bruce goes thru the stress of being quiet in the name of stealth, Tony has a stealth suit. Make that money work for u, bitch!

      Tony Stark for President. Nick Fury for governor. Peace


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      • Let him try dodging Darkseid’s omega beams… which batman did

        Post a Reply
        • Lemme see Batsy fend of Galactus. Or the Celestials. Or Thanos. Or Hulk. Or Hulks.

          Post a Reply
      • @Leslie the Comic Nerd Hero< I love you! Tony Stark for President!!

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        • LOL…That country will be doomed…believe me.

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  3. Bruce Wayne joor. He’s stronger and smarter than Tony stark

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    • Stronger? Naaah…when they are both in their battle suits, Batman doesn’t stand a chance. Intelligence, well I think he might be smarter then Tony

      Post a Reply
      • Remember this “And don’t think Bruce doesn’t have an Iron-Man-type suit somewhere in that Batcave of his.”

        Batman has a suit for Stark, & that’s all.

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        • That damn cave of his…I don’t trust him

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  4. It is really a tight one on every count i must say…on the intelligence countwel yeah…mayb bruce beat tony…just a very freakin slim margin tho…lol to create element no b beans o…lol on the technological gizmo…wateva count…lol come on…tony fought wit a god mehn…thor…and thor sef know say im chop am sha…so tony def wins dat one…wel…i dnt knw…i hav d highest respector batman…i really do…but…i think i go wit team tony..tony is obviously more……new age…new sch..new wateva…dan bruce

    Post a Reply
    • Are you a lawyer? lol…you ‘almost’ sat on the fence….lol

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  5. As much as am neither of them’s fan…I’ll still go for ‘Bruce Wayne’…why? Bcos he’s mature. Tony Stark makes me want to beat up the ‘spoilt-brat-rich-kid-who-always-feels-cool-or-beta-than-other’s’ *rolling my eyes*

    But “ironically” I’ll rather watch an ‘Iron Man’ movie than a ‘Batman’ movie *closes eyes* I give it to Tony Stark, he’s an entertainer *yuck! Did I just say that? Oh well…* LOL!

    Post a Reply
    • Sigh…Nnenna, Nnenna, Nnnenna…you didn’t choose someone you know…LOOOOL…I like your style. Thanks for the comment

      Post a Reply
      • Lol! I go for Bruce Wayne :) He’s more of a true hero. Tony Stark is a show off. Lol!

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    • Deal with it…..is it your money..y u dey vex

      When u have ur money…keep quiet n they form gentle…as 4 team tony…..owo be lapo wa..dide ko bami jo

      Post a Reply
  6. Bruce wayne! Cos Terdoh said so 😐

    But seriously, Tony isn’t a focussed hero, he’s like the “Flash” of The Avengers. Even S.H.I.E.L.D don’t take him all that serious. Everyone needs Batsy, they all look up to him.

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  7. I didn’t even read the post. Tony Stark for me. I mean he’s Robert Downey Junior.

    Post a Reply
    • lol..Now thats a lady that knows what she likes…No beating round the bush…Nice!

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  8. Based on comics…
    Bruce Wayne is richer. He funds to justice league and built a space fortress, The Watchtower. Tony also funds the Avengers but he’s almost broke
    For intelligence, Tony is better in technology
    while Bruce is better in strategy and tactics
    Combat skills, Bruce.
    Costume, Tony has an awesome battle suit.

    Post a Reply
    • Seriously, Tony’s battle suits are really awesome!!!!!

      Post a Reply
    • “Bruce Wayne is richer. He funds to justice league and built a space fortress, The Watchtower. Tony also funds the Avengers but he’s almost broke”
      Iron man has a Solar Array. Please tell me how that makes him broke.

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  9. And please, Stark didn’t create the element. He’s father had already created it but technology then couldn’t support it being implimented and he passed it on to his son. Do your research well.

    Post a Reply
    • Yeah thats true…(atleast from the movie once again)…but then my brother, is it still easy to “implement” the creation of an element?

      Post a Reply
  10. Billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, genius.

    Need i say more. #TeamTonyStark noni

    Post a Reply
    • Billionaire, Lover, philanthropist, genius. Counter attack noni…lol

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  11. Bruce wins this “Vs” am afraid (in Alfreds voice)
    1) Bruce is richer, he multiplied his family wealth. Stark inherited a lot of money too but “forbes” knows best
    2) It was Starks father that discovered the “element” watch Iron man 2 again, granted Stark is a smart ass book worm (and woman worm) but Bruce knows his business and his Villians: he came up with the “batman idea” as an ultimate crime fighting symbol. A well thought out plan, he didn’t creat the hero because he wanted to escape a death trap
    3) Charity. Wise, Bruce doesn’t give things and then blow it up (he donated the Gotham obsevatory; see batman and Robin) Stark on the other hand donates Boombs and guns. At least boombs blow up!
    4) Without their suits Bruce would snap Starks neck in 1 move. Batman has an iron man like suit ( that was what he wore when he had to take down Superman, which he did)
    5) Batman is down to earth, Stark is an ego-centric dude (I still like him thou) he is funnier than Bruce

    Bruce wins!

    Post a Reply
    • Wow…Bruce wins indeed…Is there a stark fan out there that could take on this guy?

      Post a Reply
      • How can u even say that batman beat superman??? In which universe?

        We know batman is awesome but let’s not do this to him and put him up against ironman. We should be asking if batman can go against spiderman sef!

        call me when bruce creates/implements/inherits or steals how to create an atom

        Post a Reply
        • Batman devised a strategy for subduing his fellow justice leaguers if they ever go bad in Justice League Doom. and it worked. On superman as well

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          • How Spidy enter picture na??? abi na suggestion?

  12. Abeg abeg terdoh…una dey mad shey….how can batman be smarter than sm1 dat created an atom…stronger cos 4 heavens sake he fought thor..thor fought hulk…u guyz remember d hulk burster suit…can batman fyt HULK..ask loki when he tried..we all knw what happened

    Granted Iron Man villians r actually dumb….bt that doesn’t mean cos joker n bane r smart..makes batman smarter.

    Wealth…terdoh it is here that I knw u have gone completely bunkers….stark beats batman hands dwn.

    Team tony stark..all d way

    Post a Reply

      Sit down abeg.

      Tony Stark simply implemented the atom. His dad created it. Now THAT, that was a genius. (Watch Captain America)

      “can batman fyt HULK”

      Did Tony Stark and his pangolo suit fight hulk? When he’s not mad. And please let’s not forget that the fight between Iron Man and Thor was so grossly overrated, it was the worst scene in the movie. Iron Man is NO MATCH for the god of thunder. (No. Not Sango. Stop it, yoruba people).

      Bruce Wayne is still a smarter super hero than Tony Stark. And as for wealth, Bruce tripled his family income. And Tony? Well, Tony will soon run that company to the ground with his narcissism.

      So what’s your point?

      Let me ask you. In a game of chess, who do you think would win?

      Post a Reply
      • In any game sef! Chess, ludo, whot, draft, *games of thrones* (lol), blackjack, poker,…… Anytin sef! Dem no born stark make he win wayne! Stark don dey mahdt abi?

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  13. Like someone said, even without reading, I’m #TeamStark forever. He’s my fav. Superhero of all time. Besides, Bruce is boring to watch. Batman is fun. Bruce isn’t. Tony is fun all the way. He’s edgy and that’s some masculine shii.

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  14. Bruce Wayne all day everyday.

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  15. Tony Stark is better for a host of reasons.

    Before I proceed, let me say that when it comes to villains and Batman’s survival, there’s a lot of ojoro. Nigga’s suit is semi bullet proof and he doesn’t need wheelchair after people like Bane are done with him. I mean, nigga falls from roofs and doesn’t sustain any permanent injury. One punch from Solomon Grundy should kill him.

    Two) Wtf is a cape and a utility belt in this age of technology? Tony stark doesn’t need that martial arts shit that’s why my man spent a whole lot of dough on that pimped out suit. Meanwhile batsy is wearing pant and playing mind games with Joker. Don’t you think a cape should impede his stealth movement?

    Three) Tony is funny. Batman go dey form squeeze face serious guy. Who likes a sourpuss?

    Four) Have you ever noticed how Batman always escapes the initial fight to go back and plan for the final battle? There ain’t no time for planning dawg. One on one, in a ring. Iron man would beat shit rubbish bat ears off that nigga.

    Five) With all that money, Batman can’t fly and no AI. Iron Man can go invisible.

    Finally) Iron man has a suit made out of the same shit as Thor’s hammer.

    Only thing about batman I prefer is that he doesn’t blab too much and he’s a better planner. But Tony is more of a genius, even superman is more of a genius with those robots he made in his fortress.

    Post a Reply
    • Err. Bruh, about that Thor’s hammer shit, it’s light as a feather. It’s really not about the weight or whatever material Mjölnir is made of. It’s about whether you’re worthy to lift it. Sorta like excalibur.

      Mjölnir could be made of plastic for whatever reason and Hulk still couldn’t lift it in 20 years. But…I digress.

      Post a Reply
      • Oh and Hulk lifted it and stoned Thor with it in Hulk Vs Thor

        Post a Reply
        • And ultimate avengers 1

          Post a Reply
      • Errr… Did someone say hulk can’t lift thors hammer? *raised eyebrow* go see hulk vs thor cartoon! Not dat bloody avengers movie! Hulk lifted the bloody hammer and even flogged thor wif it sef! *laughs*

        Post a Reply
        • Err… When did hulk do that? Are you telling me I need to put lucozade nylon over my PC screen to see the part hulk did that in hulk vs thorr cartoon?

          Post a Reply
        • Thor’s hammer once found Hulk Worthy. And no, Ironman’s suit isn;t made of the same stuff of as thor’s hammer. The metal in thor’s hammer is mythical

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  16. Jus laying it out there, bruce wayne is a BOSS… The ONLY thing tony stark has on bruce is his sense of humour and *intruiging* arrogance. But other than that? He’s a bloody learner.
    And for the record………
    Batman has a suit for everything.
    He’s richer than stark,
    He’s physically stronger,
    He’s Mentally stronger,
    In short he’s a BOSS…
    Batman all d way… + I hope u guys know dat he can also whoop d hulk? He just needs to get his hulk suit… Lol!

    Post a Reply
    • Now this is where i take offence. Batman beat the HULK. Please repeat this to yourself and listen to how silly you sound. Even when Stark built the Hulk-Buster Armour (which is an armour the ironman armour wears), Hulk ripped it to shreds. So please tell me how the BATMAN will fare any better…..

      Thot so

      Post a Reply
  17. Tony stark niccurs! I just don’t like Bat Man…amean Bruce wayne. For no reason at all! Shoot me!

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  18. Ludo? Someone implied Bruce will beat Stark at Ludo? LUDO?

    Post a Reply
  19. Hey guys! Pls don’t forget to drop your suggestion for the V.S series. Thanks!

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  20. How cum u guyz ddnt debate on who’s mre sexy and hey pls no HOMO buh batman sexy die does packs dey like bricks I mean wif or wif out d suit iron man is jst cool buh not sexy

    Post a Reply
    • Sexy ke? Well maybe Aunty Linda will do that sha not Sodas and Popcorn…lol…but anyways You are right…Wayne definitely is sexier…”to me”…I can’t beleive I just said that

      Post a Reply
  21. Gom, how sexiness take enter this one na? Me I happen to find arc reactors sexy sha so Tony Stark is sexy…and his sense of humor…HOT!!!

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  22. And I just got to see this now and can’t stop laughing. Bottom line is, Bruce (Lee) is the man Lol. But no jokes, Wayne over Stark any day.

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  23. Everyone must agree that Bruce is Smarter than Tony, you wouldnt dare go head to head in a fight with Superman (Batman: The Dark Knight Returns 2) or A Batman from the future (Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths), only bruce knows how to defeat every super hero in DC universe, Stark – oo please he's stark in creating cool toys.
    Stark is still my favourite character why cause like Cynthia said in the comments "He even makes arrogance look good". He's ultra cool in his own words "playboy, billionaire, philanthropist" – since i can't be a Super Hero In the real world, the closest I can be is Tony Stark.

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  24. Everyone must agree that Bruce is Smarter than Tony, you wouldnt dare go head to head in a fight with Superman (Batman: The Dark Knight Returns 2) or A Batman from the future (Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths), only bruce knows how to defeat every super hero in DC universe, Stark – oo please he’s cool in creating cool toys.
    Stark is still my favourite character why cause like Cynthia said in the comments “He even makes arrogance look good”. He’s ultra cool in his own words “playboy, billionaire, philanthropist” – since i can’t be a Super Hero In the real world, the closest I can be is Tony Stark.

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